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PhotoBook Part 1

PhotoBook Part 1

As I am getting ready to create my first Photobook to show off all of the things I have learned, I am starting with the first six pages. I have made the front and back cover, the table of contents, as well as the first spread in the book.  I used InDesign, and I am very new to it. Let me know what you think!


Front Cover
Back Cover

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


I wanted to have something cool and fun to bring the reader’s attention in on the first spread. I thought a tongue would be perfect!

Macro Spread

About Me

This is the page that is most likely to change as I continue to develop my Photobook. I don’t know yet, what I want to say about myself, and how that relates to the body f work that will be shown in the book. I’m excited to perfect this page in the future.

About me
The Glorious Plan of a Magazine Spread

The Glorious Plan of a Magazine Spread


In this week’s blog post, I am going to show you my design for a basic magazine spread. We are going to talk about the layout, design choices, and the reasons I made the spread the way I did. Here we go!

by Michael Lippe
by Michael Lippe

The Target Audience

The article I used for my magazine spread is called “Our Father’s Glorious Plan.” It was written by Elder Weatherford T. Clayton Of the Quorum of the Seventy. The article is about Heavenly Father’s plan for us, his children. The target audience is members of the LDS church, as well as people who may want to better understand the Plan of Salvation, including  adults, youth, or families. The layout is designed to be simple, easy to read, and focused on the content. It is not meant to be flashy or distracting, but rather warm and inviting.


Initially I chose a bright sky blue as my main color. However, I thought that green would fit better with the photos I chose. Green represents growth and life, which are themes in the Plan of Salvation. It also represents wealth, which ties in to one of the headlines: “The Greatest Gift.” This suggests that the article’s content is of great value to the reader.


Photos of flowers were chosen to enhance the theme and feel of the article. They are beautiful, and express life and growth. The red flowers were chosen because they create leading lines into the next page. By extending the image across both pages, it also helps the reader continue reading to the next page.


Sans Serif was used for the main text. This makes the article easy to read. The modern typeface in the title is also simple, and gives the reader an understanding that the article’s content is serious and reverent. The headings are green, offering contrast between the paragraphs while introducing subtopics. In addition, the pull quote brings the reader’s attention to a key point in the article, and adds more color and variety to the page. To enhance its impact, it is right-aligned.


To sum up, all of the aspects of  the design are centered on the content of the article. They are used to enhance the message the author is trying to communicate to the reader. It is inviting, easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, and full of color. The design, from the photography down to the typography, expresses themes of warmth, life, and growth.

Taken by Michael Lippe
Taken by Michael Lippe