Bannack Creative Shots!

Bannack Creative Shots!

This past Friday my Comm 300 class went to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. We got the opportunity to take some great shots! In this blog post, I’ll be showing you some of my favorite creative shots! Featured in this post is a levitation shot, an abstract shot, and an out of the box shot. Check them out!

Abstract Shot
Out of the Box Shot
Levitation Shot

Pre Shots
Bannack Portraits!

Bannack Portraits!

This past Friday my Comm 300 class went to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. We got the opportunity to take some great shots! In this blog post, I’ll be showing you some of my favorite portrait shots!

Ghost Shot
Natural Lighting

Couples Saloon Shots
Strobe Lighting
Staircase Shot
School Shot

Staircase Couple Shots
River Shot
Natural Lighting
Outdoor Shot

Room shots
Reflectors / Natural Lighting
Lighting with Reflectors

Lighting with Reflectors

This week in Comm 300, we experimented with lighting by using reflectors! We learned that there are five different lighting options (in a 5-in-1 reflector): Silver, Gold, Black, Diffusion, and white. There are also some advanced techniques like key and fill light, bending, and feathering. The examples below are just a few of the techniques.


This image shows the lighting before the reflector was used.


This shot was taken using the gold reflector. You can tell her face and neck are better lit, and have a yellower color.


This shot was taken using the silver reflector. Again, her face and neck are better lit, but this time the reflector gives off a more white colored lighting.

Feathered (Silver)

This shot, using the silver reflector, was taken while doing the feathering technique. Using the same reflector, you bend it so that it looks like a potato chip. This softens the light coming off of the reflector, and gives less light to the subject. You can tell the main differences on her neck, eyes,  and forehead.


Working and experimenting with reflectors was fun and interesting! It definitely helps to use them if you want to better control light, or want the image to have a certain feel to it. I look forward to using reflectors with my shots in the future!

Weather Icons!

Weather Icons!

This week in Comm 130 I learned about making Icons! We were given the challenge to make four to six icons that all tie in to the same theme. I chose to make icons for different types of weather.

My target audience for the icons are people who may want to take a quick glance on their phones, tablets, or computers to see what the weather is like. I needed to create icons that will communicate the correct message by looking at it for just a second or two. I focused on simplicity, shape, and color to communicate each message.

It was fun and challenging to make each icon communicate a unique message while still maintaining a uniform theme. I was able to apply my newly acquired skills in Adobe Illustrator for this assignment. Below are my five weather Icons:






Design Decisions

I focused my design on using color, shape, and repetition to maintain a theme while making each icon communicate something different. I changed a lot of things in my icons throughout the process. After making several different shapes of clouds, I decided to use just one shape to keep uniformity. I also added the small clouds to the Sunny icon, because it was the only icon without clouds included. The Windy icon was the most challenging, as I had a hard time communicating wind. I started with trees blowing and swirl lines, but the trees didn’t tie in well with the theme. I added a cloud, but then it looked too busy. The finished icon has new swirls, the cloud, and no trees. I think its current version fits best with the rest of the icons. I also tweaked the colors of the Stormy icons several times to find the right balance on uniqueness and uniformity.


This project was really fun! I enjoyed making the icons, and learning how to use Adobe Illustrator. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!


Macro! Close up and Personal!

Macro! Close up and Personal!

This week in Comm 300 I learned about Macro photography. I think it may be my favorite style of photography because I loved it! I enjoyed looking for the details in small things. I loved how the camera brought them out so clearly and largely. I experimented with water droplets, a spray bottle, several different subjects, and lighting. This is the kind of photography I have always wanted to be able to learn to capture. I also used my newly developed skills in Lightroom to enhance my photos. Below are some of my favorites:

Close Up

Water Drops