Vans #LivingOffTheWall Ad Campaign Slide Design

Vans #LivingOffTheWall Ad Campaign Slide Design

This week in Comm 130, we created an ad for an existing campaign. I chose the Vans #Livingoffthewall campaign. The assignment was to make our own ad that would have fit in the campaign. Th main things that I felt were necessary to make my ad fit with the original was having a black and white photo of someone skating, with the vans logo on the side and the hashtag on the bottom in a similar font.

The audience are people who skate, like the style of Vans shoes, or want to use their shoes as an accessory to express themselves. This may range from men or women of the ages of 12-35. Below is a link to my slide design, please check it out! Also, below is the original ad I found and the new ad that I created.

Original Ad

New Ad

Slide Design Final Michael Lippe


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