Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree!

When I lived in California as a child, I remember we’d pass by a tree on Sunday afternoons on our way home from church. This was a special tree because it did not grow fruit. It grew shoes. Or at least I thought it did. It was known as the shoe tree, because people around town would throw their old sneakers into the branches of the tree. The branches were filled with shoes from all walks of life. It was amazing to me as a young kid.

I wanted to recreate that memory. Instead of using shoes, however, I decided to use money. How much easier would life be if money grew on trees? Would we have acres and acres of orchards? With this in mind, I set out to create a Dollar Tree.

I took pictures of a tree outside of my house, as well as a dollar bill from my pocket. I used Photoshop and Lightroom to manipulate the image. I wanted it to be believable, while also being somewhat whimsical, keeping the child fantasy alive.

Original Images


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