Creative Ad

For the past couple of weeks we have been learning how to create a conceptual ad through Photoshop. It has been a fun and challenging experience. Through a random generator, I was assigned to make an ad for a hammer, with the target audience of a 45-65 year old male, who is married, makes about $90,000, and has an Associates degree. This demographic connects through magazines and social media. As a result, I made two ads, one for a magazine and one for a facebook page.

Social Media Ad

Magazine Ad

I wanted my ad to appeal to the demographic in several ways. I wanted it to be masculine in design and color. The shark, while also being a hammerhead, is a symbol of strength and power. I can imagine that many men who are 45-60 years old who are married have been given some kind of to-do list by their spouses. This ad appeals to this, as it relates to the audience on something that they deal with every day. The ad is encouraging them to get that to-do list done with the help of the product, a hammer.

The action of working on a to-do list can be both bold and proactive. I used a bold type to continue the theme of action and masculinity. The logo was yellow, so I decided to use yellow in the text as well to draw the viewer’s attention. I strategically placed the hammer/shark in a way as to point the viewer to the logo. The grey and yellow also can be related to the colors seen at a construction site, continuing the concept of getting things done.


Overall, I really enjoyed this project. It helped me develop my skills in photoshop as well as challenged me to be creative. I had fun with the thought of turning a hammerhead shark into an actual hammer!


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